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As you may have guessed, I am autistic ... Asperger! Yes, eccentricities, need of routine, hypersensitivities, insatiable need of justice and all that comes with it. I present you a blog where I share my thoughts and adventures as an adult living with Asperger syndrome.

Asperger's syndrome is indeed a source of suffering in my person and it has always been. Having said that, I am convinced that it is also partly thanks to it that I am able to achieve objectives that may seem unattainable to others. In addition to autism, I was also diagnosed with gifted with a THQI.


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Asperger's syndrome

What theAsperger autism

THE 'Asperger autism is a so-called form of autism high level which is relatively complex and manifests itself differently from one individual to another. Autism Asperger is an integral part of the famous Autism spectrum and is located to the right completely autistic continuum. People with Asperger syndrome usually have an IQ ranging from higher than average. That said, we must not define the person with autism, regardless of its form, as QI. Standardized tests such as WAIS-4 for example, are far to consider all facets of neurological diversity. Autistic people are governed by a neurological functioning that diverges from that of neurotypical. Thus, IQ tests created for the general population, are often unsuitable for their different neurology.

The spectrum of autism is vast and many forms of autism can be found on the famous autism continuum.

Here is a representation autism continuum including all forms of autism, including Asperger autism.

asperger autism

autistic continuum

People with the Asperger Syndrome all share common characteristics of autism: a atypical communication, or atypical socialization, suffering sensorineural as well as specific interests. In addition to these unique characteristics of autism, specifically those with Asperger's syndrome, also have additional features of their own. These differentiating the non-Asperger autistic profiles.

The most important point to mention here is the fact that beyond these common characteristics with autism, there is a more individuality(independent of AS) to the human being with Asperger's autism. The latter governs it and is the basis of its functioning and personality, as well as its Asperger syndrome.

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THE 'Asperger autism and the comorbidity

Asperger's autism is often found in comorbidity with other diagnoses. That is to say that the same individual may for example have a Asperger Syndrome and one ADD / ADHD or, Asperger syndrome and giftedness. This comorbidity may influence prognosis of somebody…

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